'Maroc Magic' bone-shaped ID tag

She'll be the smartest pooch in the park in her 'Maroc Magic' personalised bone-shaped tag. This beautiful geometric design transfers perfectly to the shape of the bone, with ample space for your pet's name or initial on the front, and up to two phone numbers on the back. But really, the contact information you provide is all up to you!

As with other items in our Maroc Magic collection, choose from one of three highlight colours: Mustard, Rose, or Cerise, to frame the ID info against the strong bright teal background.

Why you'll love our personalised tags:

bright & shiny

The colourful personalised designs on our double-sided tags will not rub off or fade away, and are super scratch-resistant.


Our tags are light but super strong, ready for a bashing in the playground or on the luggage carousel.


From satchels to suitcases and pets to plants, our tags work to identify your whole life, with fun and colour.

you choose

Tag size and shape, design, personalisation language, name, and how many contact details to include are all your choice.


Haluna Happy Names personalised tags are customised for you and printed with care in our Sydney studio.

What you can expect when you buy a Haluna Happy Names personalised tag:

All tags are supplied with a steel ring ready for immediate use

Our sturdy personalised tags are made of metal, and will not bend or snap under normal circumstances. This makes them much more durable than many personalised bag tags, which are commonly made of plastic, wood or acrylic. The supplied steel ring fasteners mean the tags can't be quickly yanked off a bag or pet collar by a thief in a hurry.

Our tags are personalised on both sides —so you can keep contact info on the underneath side.

And as always, we offer the option to write the name on the front side in Arabic — so the tag is personalised, but not everyone can read it. We think that makes it even more special!

Sizes choices:

Disc tag: 25mm (1") diameter
Bone-shaped tag: 37.5 mm x 30 mm (1.5" x 1.125")
Rectangular bag tag: 89mm x 39 mm (3.5" x 2.75")

More tags in different sizes coming in 2023.

Personalisation options:

Put a name, family name, initials, a (short!) quote one side, or just leave the colourful design with no text.

Use the other side for phone number/s, or whatever address details you want to supply. We can even print a lined 'address plate' and you can add contact details of your choice using a Sharpie or other fine-pointed permanent marker. But please note: this type of additional marking may rub off. We recommend printing contact details (all included in tag price) as they become fused with the tag surface and will not rub off or wash off.


Tags:Aluminium with a smooth scratch resistant coating.
Rings and clasps: Stainless steel


Wipe clean or wash in warm soapy water.

Our colourful tags are durable but please avoid scratching with sharp objects.