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Arabic Love

'Arabic Love' is not one design, but a collection of designs for everyone with a love of the Arabic language. 

There is no doubt that Arabic, with its right-to-left script, its unfamiliar sounds produced by throat and tongue, and its many regional variants, is one of the most challenging languages to master for a non-speaker who has no background. Our Arabic Love grouping encourages all Arabic endeavours and fosters an excitement in knowing and understanding Arabic. 

The collection starts with 'Alif, Yeah!', a personalised design for children celebrating the shapes and sounds of the Arabic alphabet. It also comprises our growing 'Arabic Key Words' design series, which focuses on words that are essential to our shared humanity, displayed in beautiful Arabic fonts with complementary decorative elements. And there's more planned: starting in 2024, inshaAllah we will launch a new series of designs that celebrate Arabic idioms, sayings and proverbs.


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