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On rainbows and treasures

Do the special children in your life know how much you care about them?

And are they entranced by the sudden glimpse of a rainbow in the clouds too? For us, it happens most often as we’re inching along in heavy traffic, cutting it fine to get to whatever extra-curricular thingy is on that day. The sun is getting lower in the sky, there are clouds, and a little drizzle, and then suddenly - woah! A shaft of bright sunlight breaks through. The slate grey of the clouds and the deep blue of the sky frame the sharp edges of the near horizon of trees and houses lining the road. The sky is blessed with a wonderful colourful arc. We crane our necks from our seat-belted positions as we ooh and aah through the windscreen. I force myself to keep my eyes on the road, telling whoever is in the front seat beside me to grab my phone and get a picture of this serendipitous natural beauty. But the beauty is in the moment and can’t be captured (or at least not by a child inside a moving car!).

What is it about the rainbow that is so marvellous? 

For me, it’s the enormity of its expanse, and the gorgeous way in which the colours meld together in the spectrum. But also I think it’s because a rainbow is rare, and unforeseen, and elusive, especially for little ones who haven’t learnt how to read the sky. Suddenly their world is injected with colour, and it is truly amazing.

Children learn the rainbow song long before they go to school. And then they learn the myth about the ‘crock of gold' waiting at the end of every rainbow. It is that myth which inspired the very first personalised design I created for Haluna Happy Names, still one of my favourites. I love how the solid, traditional rainbow, a symbol of unity in diversity, of innocence and of fun, leads the eye to the name of someone very special nestled, multicoloured, in the cloud at the end of the rainbow. When someone you care about receives an ‘At the End of the Rainbow' personalised gift, they can know that they are the gold for which you had been seeking, and not finding, until they came along. 

A truly precious gem

The concept behind another of my designs, ’Jewels in my Heart’, is similar. Beneath a gradient of pink stripes which carries the name, there are a series of colourful hearts. The largest heart is full of little paisley gem stones. I designed ‘Jewels in my Heart’ especially for my daughter Yaqoute, whose name is Arabic for ‘rubies’. She is a very precious gem of a person - bright, shining from within, with a wide smile, a kind heart, an enthusiastic chuckle and glossy hair that shouts out to be stroked. My wish is for you to find a design in my collection that allows you to express your own deep love for the squishy beans in your life, so they can understand just how much you care about them. 

 At the End of the Rainbow and Jewels in my Heart, like all Haluna Happy Names designs, can be personalised using Arabic or English. Read the backstory of my brand to learn why Arabic is always an option.   


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