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Values statement

My school motto was 'action not words'. But Haluna Happy Names is about action and words. Especially names! Sometimes words are important, for clarity in conveying a message. So here are a few words about what my brand stands for, and the actions that Haluna Happy Names takes as a reflection of my values.

* Provide high-quality products and excellent service:

This strongly-held value translates into the following actions:
- Responding to your inquiries quickly
- Listening and paying close attention to your product and design needs
- Using quality metrics and control processes for all Haluna Happy Names pieces printed in-house, and only choosing print partners with an equal prioritisation on achieving a top quality end result
- Dispatching your orders in a timely manner
- Offering prices that are reasonable and represent good value

* Be inclusive and respectful:

I aim to design products that light up you and those you care about, regardless of your ethnicity or skin colour, your abilities, faith, age, gender, language, shape, size, wealth, how many chromosomes you have, how long your family has been in Australia, your taste in music, your feelings about coriander or any other 'difference' between humans. Just one condition: you need to love and appreciate BRIGHT. Bright colours, bright feelings, and bright ideas.

* Do no harm:

I avoid any knowing exploitation of people in the production of Haluna Happy Names products. I try to go further than this and become educated on the manufacturing processes of the substrates used to create the Haluna Happy Names range. Out of sight does not mean out of mind. Lives of women in Bangladesh sewing t-shirts are just as important as the lives of multicultural kids in Sydney. Do no harm also applies to our natural environment, and the potentially harmful impact of manufacturing on our world.

* Minimise waste:

This is a very big one for me. It's why sometimes you might find your exclusive and top quality Haluna Happy Names order comes to you in external cardboard packaging that has been used before. And why Haluna Happy Names products are selected based on their durability and practicality before anything else. We have enough junk in our world.

If you have any questions or would like more detail about any of the Haluna Happy Names values and ethics, please send me an email to

Helen al Hariri
Colour Lover, Name Lover, People Lover, Language Lover, Universe Lover