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Musically — for music people

‘Musically’ brings strong colour and quirky musical elements together to create unparalleled personalised products for all sorts of music people: music makers at every stage, music teachers and tutors, and music lovers.

'Musically' Inspiration:

'Musically' is a design inspired in the first place by my own childhood experience as a music learner and music lover. But it was brought to life to meet the needs of my seven children as they travel their own musical journeys. From weekly violin, flute, piano, bassoon, drums and singing lessons to their participation in orchestras, ensembles and choirs; their original music compositions and practice on bass, guitar, and ukelele; and their role in live music entertaining in public spaces. Next stop: Spotify!

'Musically' Design Elements:

The Musically design background includes musical elements floating on a coloured base, making any muso feel at home. The five colour variants make items quickly identifiable from afar when among an orchestra-ful of instruments, music, cases and stands, and ensure broad appeal for the collection.

The personalisation is painstakingly created to order on the musical stave (Roman alphabet only!), adding to the originality of the Musically design. The choice of 'musical personalities' to add to the name plate makes every piece even more personal.

And the option of adding music quotes from famous people, from Billie Eilish to Beethoven, via Bob Dylan, ensures that there is a Haluna Happy Names Musically product for anyone that will appreciate one. The quotation also creates an alternative to the name plate for music people that might feel self-conscious about their name being visible on their stuff.

'Musically' Recommended Products:

Our Musically practice notebooks, canvas tote bags and ID tags are all highly functional products that have been thoughtfully designed and developed with music players' needs at the top of the list.

We will be adding our 'Musically' design to the full range of Haluna Happy Names practical and versatile products heading into 2023.