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When I was a tween in the early 80s a shop opened on our high street just for me—or so I felt.

There was a poster rack full of images—classic 1980s designs like glossy bright red lips on white; palm trees against a setting sun; the lazy cat, Garfield; and a colourful pencil sketch of Bowie showing his two different-coloured eyes (I bought that poster).

A wall was filled with sticker rolls, little shelves full of scented erasers, and stacks of plastic or tin trinket boxes.

One thing called out: a clear vinyl zip pouch decorated with hearts.  I kept going back to it, every Saturday morning. Then I bought that pouch, too. I loved it so much, it is still in use in our home today.

Haluna Happy Names’ ‘Heartiful’ personalised design is an unashamed copy, in new colours, of the original simple 1980s heart design I cherished so.

Because surely I am not the only one that loves a gridful of hearts.

The fonts that personalise Heartiful are inspired by early 80s curves - in both the English and the Arabic personalisations.

Recommended Products:

All the hearts in Heartiful make it perfect for a surprise special present for a dear friend, a beloved, or for a heart-collector of any age. My personal product favourites for Heartiful are a mug or a notebook. The mug looks fantastic personalised with the name in Arabic on one side and either the name in English or a personal message on the other; while for our premium personalised spiral bound notebooks, the Heartiful grid design and name are printed on the edge of every page as well as on the cover. Opting for unlined pages makes a wonderful romantic journal for the holder of heart-filled dreams and schemes.

Finally, Heartiful is also an excellent choice for a money box—if you want to get a box for savings and a box for giving, the colours in the chosen colourway can be reversed.

Note: Personalised money boxes will be released in 2023. Join the Haluna Happy Names Family today to be the first to hear when they are available in the shop.

Design Elements:

An arresting plump heart sits in the centre of the design bearing a name in English or Arabic, written in white using rounded ‘fat-bottomed’ fonts to complement the 1980s feel. The large heart fronts a grid of smaller hearts, and tiny hearts, all of identical proportions. The personalised design is available in two colour combinations: crimson/mauve, and pillarbox red/soft pink.