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In the Sky — Design Collection

Just look up!

Haluna Happy Names 'In the Sky' personalised design banner image in 'Day' colour scheme shows a name in a central white large cloud surrounded by smaller fluffy clouds and flanked by bright rainbow strips above and below, against a blue sky background.


We can get so caught up in the rush and bustle of day to day. And this behaviour, those feelings of stress, monotony, and hurry, spread to our children, too. With seven children and an endlessly busy schedule with lengthy to do lists I know this only too well.

But I also know I should just take a second and look up! Even through a fly-screened kitchen window while doing the endless washing up, a glimpse of the sky helps me to breathe and gain perspective. A look at the sky disentangles me from the squabbles or chatter around me and inside my mind.

Haluna Happy Names ‘In the Sky’ personalised design is a reminder for you, or someone you know, to just raise eyes to the heavens and pause. Take in what is there, in the moment. There is always beauty in the sky, and it is constantly changing. You might catch a rainbow, or a streak of sunset gold, or shafts of sunlight against a rainy fuzz.

Design Elements:

Fluffy white clouds float along against a sky that may be, er, sky blue ('Day'), but can also be pink ('Sunset'), yellow ('Sunshine'), navy ('Night'),  or minty-teal ('Storm' — yes I have seen incredible green stormy skies). The largest cloud carries a name in English or Arabic using fun dreamy fonts. Above and below the clouds are bold clean rainbow stripes.

Recommended Products:

In the Sky makes a fantastic mug covered in colour, as the rainbow stripes wrap all the way round the mug. The personalised design also suits any clothing item for younger children — with the Arabic language option making a fantastic talking point. An ‘In the Sky’ premium personalised name tag for your school backpack or luggage makes a wonderfully stylish and colourful splash to identify an otherwise plain item.

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