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'Jewels in my Heart' Personalised Design

Keeping our most precious in our hearts.

Jewels In My Heart is an exclusive Haluna Happy Names personalised design featuring a band of colourful hearts with the main heart embedded with 4 gems. Horizontal stripes above and below the band draw the eye to the central heart, the personalisation sits above it in the centre in white, in a simple sans serif font in English or Arabic.


Plain and simple: Jewels in My Heart was designed for, and inspired by, my precious daughter Yaqoute. Her name itself means rubies, and she is well named. She is a ball of soft yet shiny happiness, innocence, creativity and endurance. How I love to hear her laugh!  A jewel deep in my heart.

Design Elements:

Jewels in My Heart uses a simple combination of shapes and colours to express powerful emotion. This personalised design appeals to lovers of hearts and of bright colour. And pink. A large pink heart edged with a lace trim carries the name of a precious person across its centre. The name is written in white, in Arabic or English, using a clearly legible gently curved font in either language. There is a cluster of bright paisley-shaped jewels on one side of the heart, above the name. Around the large heart are other smaller colourful hearts against a pink background. The panel of hearts is bordered by graduated pink stripes above and evenly spaced colourful stripes below.

This exclusive Haluna Happy Names personalised design is available in 3 complementary colourways: pink (shown in image above), tangerine, and aqua.

Recommended Products:

I love Jewels in My Heart as a set of three personalised money boxes, one in each colour, for saving, giving, and spending. It is also a fantastic design for a set of three personalised notebooks for different topics or purposes - including Arabic study, using an exclusive right-bound personalised notebook.

If you are looking for a single item for a precious jewel in your heart, Jewels in My Heart makes a fantastic personalised routine board.