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Personalised baby onesies and t-shirts (0-2)

Super soft, super cute, and super easy to wash, wash, and wash again. These are the hallmarks of our baby onesies and T-shirts.

Because after seven babies and eeeendless washing, we know how important these things are when it comes to clothing for 0-2s. 

But if you're anything like us, you also care about where and how your children's clothing is made, and what it's made of. Below the collection you will find the lowdown on these things, plus what else is special about our baby clothing range.

What's so special about Haluna Happy Names baby onesies and tees?

Baby clothes are sooo adorable, on the hanger or on the screen as much as on the little munchkin herself. But after five minutes as a mother you learn what to check for before you buy your baby that next cute thing.

If you are here as a brother, friend or grandma of someone with a bub, you can rest assured that when it comes to Haluna Happy Names onesies and T-shirts for our littlest loves, we have covered all the bases. We only offer clothes that your baby will love as much as the adoring adults around him do. Here’s why:

1. Our premium 100% natural cotton fabric keeps little ones comfortable, warm, or cool as the required.

There’s nothing stiff, scratchy, or sweat-inducing about our personalised onesies and baby tees. They are made with the best quality soft and stretchy fabric, woven from double-combed ringspun cotton which helps to regulate the temperatures of little bodies. You can learn more about our premium fabric in our FAQ.

2. Our onesies and baby t-shirts are designed to fit well and be easy to change.

Quick clothes changes are important when someone is getting hungry, fast – be it baby or mum! The necklines of our personalised tees stretch easily over even the biggest of little heads without a whimper or a squeal and our short-sleeved and long-sleeve baby onesies are designed with overlapping shoulders to open really wide. The crotch on the onesies is long enough to allow for nappies and other clothing layers as needed, with steel poppers that close easily but won’t pop open again until you want them to. And we sell our baby t-shirts separate from our small sizes of children’s t-shirts because they are a slightly squarer shape, to allow for the proportions of baby bodies.

3. The quality of our baby clothing means you are investing not just in an original and special item, but one that will last for ages.

The fabric and the build of our baby items complement the state-of-the-art DTG printing method we have chosen to decorate them with our exclusive Haluna Happy Names personalised designs. Our baby range is clothing that lasts, won’t lose shape, and can later get passed on — even to a younger sibling, with a different name. Just to confuse people! Our wash recommendation is for a cool water wash, but we know many people wash our baby clothes in warmer temperatures for maximum cleaning effectiveness, and the t-shirts and onesies continue to look and feel wonderful wash after wash.

4. Our print-to-order personalised onesies and baby t-shirts reach their intended destination quickly, all over the world.

Babies grow fast! If you are thinking of a Haluna Happy Names baby item as a gift but are worried about how long it will take to personalise and print to order, fear not! We can turn the personalisation of your order round in as little as one business day, and our global print partner will ensure your item is prepared at the location closest to where your special onesie or t-shirt needs to be delivered, so that it can reach the bub in no time. There's even an express delivery option. Learn more about our shipping and delivery options.


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Sunlight falls on the side of the face of an adorable short-haired brown-eyed boy. He raises his arm holding a balloon, wearing a Haluna Happy Names 'End of the Rainbow' personalised yellow toddler t-shirt bearing the name 'Layla' in Arabic.