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Personalised Tote Bags

Stand out when you go out.

Haluna Happy Names personalised tote bags make an environmentally-friendly, practical yet thoughtful gift that will be cherished lovingly and used endlessly.

Our bag range includes two styles of hard-wearing tote:

  • Fully-lined, square bags, with an all-over personalised print and three size options;
  • Rectangular, unlined, sturdy canvas totes, with complementary designs printed on each side of the bag within a natural canvas border

Whatever kind of bag you need for the rough and tumble of the week, a personalised tote from Haluna Happy Names can help you and your little ones get out the door quicker. Maybe it's a 'change bag' big enough for outings with multiple pre-schoolers and toddlers that you need; or a bag for Arabic school, music lessons or the library; a no-fuss beach bag; or an eco-friendly grocery bag to grab those bits of the weekly shop that got left off the list. We've got you covered, in personalised colour, every time.

Because Haluna Happy Names totes are bags with thousands of uses, to be used thousands of times.

Haluna Happy Names personalised totes: what's so special?

1. Durability:

Whether you want one of our square totes in three sizes or a rectangular canvas tote, you can rest assured that a Haluna Happy Names bag is made to last. We believe in using materials and construction methods that stay the course. So don't for a second put our totes in a box with those flimsy thin things you get for free at the kids’ shoe shop. You know the ones — they wear quickly, and they dig painfully into your shoulders once you use them for anything heavier than a box of small-size shoes. Speaking from experience here, as you can probably guess.

2. Versatility:

Another favourite product quality at Haluna Happy Names! Here are a few ideas for you about how to use our bags.

Our personalised totes make a perfect nappy bag or baby bag, so a great original gift for a new mum.

For toddlers and primary school children they can be used to carry library books, music books, swimming things, or all the 'stuff' that they might need on a day out with grandma - snacks, water bottles, spare clothes, a couple of toys....

For tweens, teens, students and adults our tote bags are ideal for a day trip, for study materials, for the beach, for groceries, or as hand luggage on a trip. My personal favourite? For sneaking along a laptop (in its protective case) to a child's sport activity, when I don't feel like engaging in the sidelines chit chat. Way more productive than the phone ;-)

3. No-fuss design and style selection:

From listening to you, our lovely customers, we know that you choose your Haluna Happy Names purchases with a specific person and/or purpose in mind. You want a colourful design, displaying the themes that they love, on a product that they will appreciate and make good use of. To make it easy for you, we’ve organised our bags into square, lined totes (available in 3 sizes), and sturdy rectangular canvas totes.

Within these collections, you can see every design currently offered. More Haluna Happy Names designs are being added all the time to each bag style. If you don’t find the Haluna Happy Names design you want in the bag collections on our website, please, get in touch! The design is probably ready and just not loaded in the shop yet. Or, we can move the design you request straight to the top of the list for our ongoing design adaptations for each product in our range.

4. Flexible and easy customisation:

Click on the bag carrying the design that will hit the sweet spot, and all the customisation options are right there for you to select and enter: size and colour variants (depending on bag style and design choice), and all the personalisations and custom text you want. Arabic, as always, is an option for the text. With a colourful one-of-a-kind Haluna Happy Names personalised design, the tote will never be mistaken for anyone else's, and makes a truly unique gift.

But guess what? Our designs are created to look great even without the personalisation being incorporated. If you don’t want strangers to know the name of the bag’s owner, you don’t need to add a personal name to a design. You can add a quote or phrase of your choice instead, or have no text on the bag.

If you are at all confused, there is a box for you to add questions on the product page, and again during checkout when you are completing your order. And if we have any questions about what you want, or spelling, we will always get in touch for confirmation before your bag is printed.

5. Easy care:

Both styles of Haluna Happy Names tote bags can be machine washed again and again. The print will not fade, and the bag will not shrink.

6. Personal touch:

Haluna Happy Names personalised bags are all custom-designed by Helen in our Sydney, Australia studio. Our rectangular bags are printed in house and shipped to you; our lined, square bags are printed and dispatched by our partners around the world for rapid local delivery and fewer carbon emissions, wherever you are.