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Personalised Tags

Colourful sturdy pieces of joy.

There’s no denying it—a tag that identifies an object's owner is a very handy thing. But your basic bag tag is boring. Haluna Happy Names personalised tags make school bags cool, suitcases instantly identifiable, and musical instruments more magical. We even have bone-shaped personalised tags for your pet—or his gear.

Unlike other personalised bag tags, our tags don’t snap—thanks to their solid aluminium core, they are strong but light. And all the bright colours of the chosen personalised design are fused into their satin exterior so that they can never rub or wash off. Our tags are scratch-resistant too, ready for the bangs and scuffles of real life.

Haluna Happy Names personalised tags: what's so special?

It's a fact of life that we can get separated from our bits, bobs and furry beasts when we are out and about. From the luggage carousel to the park, playground, or parish hall, the Haluna Happy Names collection of personalised tags swings into a league of its own. 

Colourful designs to lift you up

We have adapted and optimised many of our exclusive happy and bright designs so that they perfectly suit the size and shape of the tags you need. The range of designs available is being constantly updated. If you don't see the design you want in the tag you need, just pick a different design to get your order in, and mention the name of the design you want* in the 'special notes' .We will be in touch within 1 business day to confirm details of the design.

*The current Haluna Happy Names design portfolio can be viewed in the design gallery

Size and shape options

Our current tag range includes two sizes of rectangular tags, circular tags, and bone shaped tags.

The rectangular tags are great for all kinds of luggage, from school backpacks and lunchbags to weekend holdalls, gym bags, rucksacks and suitcases. They also jazz up (of course) your musical instrument cases, and are fantastic for instantly identifying your violin, oboe or guitar case after band and ensembles.

Our mini circular tags are perfect for pets and toys, trikes and bikes, tool kits and medic totes. 

Our little bone-shaped tags are colourful good fun. Use them to make sure your dog can be easily identified if they get lost, and to tag any doggy belongings you take on your holidays; or for when they take a trip to their own holiday camp at a boarding kennel.


As with everything in the Haluna Happy Names product range, our tags need to pass the durability test—we want them to last as long as the thing that they tag. 

To reach that bar, Haluna Happy Names personalised tags are printed indelibly so that our hallmark fun designs are literally fused into the surface of the tag. This means that both the design and the ID and contact details you want on your tag are not going to rub or wash off under any conditions.

With seven children, we know only too well how many cute personalised tags snap, crack and chip in about five minutes. Haluna Happy Names personalised tags are not made of flimsy printed plastic, brittle PVC or thin discs of laser-cut wood like many other personalised bag tags. Instead, our tags are solid aluminium, which is both strong and light. Rather than a stretchy snip-able loop, our tag is provided with a steel ring for easy attachment.

Privacy matters

You choose exactly what or how much identity or contact information to display on your tag. And because our tags are customised on both sides, you can limit the information printed on the outward-facing side the tag — to just initials, or even to including just the colourful design without a name. For some, a name printed in Arabic is like a secret code, readable only by a select few.

Haluna Happy Names personalised tags are custom designed and printed by hand in our Sydney studio.