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About Haluna Happy Names

Welcome! Haluna Happy Names is your go to for always-colourful personalised gifts.

Our top notch practical items are decorated with exclusive personalised designs using English or Arabic. They will
- instil confidence in your children regarding their identity;
- deepen your interpersonal connections; and
- help you say thank you, with meaning, to all the people supporting you, your family and your community.

Helen the founder of Haluna Happy Names sits on a log behind her seven children lined from eldest to youngest. The youngest five are wearing colourful t-shirts personalised with their names in Arabic. They are all laughing and smiling in afternoon sun.

We believe that our names deserve to be celebrated and honoured.

They channel our identity. They carry deep personal, cultural, familial, and historical connections. They convey who we are, the communities in which we belong, and our place in the world.

In 2004, my first child was born. My husband and I named him Hadi, as a way to honour his Syrian, Arab heritage. But also because it was a name easy to pronounce and spell in English.

As our family grew we carefully chose names for each of our children that would reflect their heritage and our shared values as a family. After Hadi came Selsabeel, Raiyanne, Tasneem, Muhammad, Yaqoute and Ilaf.

These aren’t the kind of names you’d usually find on notebooks, magnets and mugs at your local newsagent. But the kids that own them, and other names like theirs, deserve to feel happy, confident, and proud of their identities—as much as the kids that have more common (but equally beautiful) names. 

I created Haluna Happy Names for my children, originally, and for others like them; so they can feel empowered and connected to their heritage—especially in a society that can sometimes leave them feeling like outsiders.

Haluna Happy Names values and priorities

Not just for kids

What started as a mission to honour all children with good quality, practical and fun personalised items quickly expanded to include versatile gifts that meaningfully acknowledge and express gratitude to the people helping our lives every single day.

Because our mums and grandmas ,our teachers and coaches ,our midwives, and our tradies deserve to be celebrated, too. We have created original designs so you can express your personal appreciation for all these important people, with designs for many more 'helpers' planned.

If you’re a small business owner, we can help you boost your brand, and strengthen marketing within and beyond your enterprise. Haluna Happy Names gifts will charm your staff, woo your clients and beguile your service providers. We work with you to create custom designs in line with your branding.

Finally, we know at first hand how it goes when you're volunteering — whether you are involved in your children's P&C or playgroup, a community group, a sports team or a challenge. Accessories and clothes that strengthen the identity of the group bring joy while boosting cooperation in a shared purpose. We bring that experience to our designs, our products, and our service to you so you can introduce that element of joy to your groups, as well.

Personal, colourful and bright

There’s only one prerequisite to enjoying Haluna Happy Names products, and that’s a love of brightness. Bright colours, bright feelings, and bright ideas.

Our products are designed to light you up—regardless of your name, ethnicity or skin colour, your abilities, faith, age, gender, language, shape, size or wealth, how many chromosomes you have, how long your family has been in Australia, your taste in music or your feelings about coriander.

We want the person receiving our product to feel cherished so we take great care to ensure each personalisation is spot on. Spelling is double-checked and researched. And because everyone’s name deserves special attention, we can personalise designs using Arabic or English, or even a combination of both alphabets. 

(Psssst… we’re also open to special requests using modified Roman and Arabic alphabets, including Turkish, Urdu, Uighur and Farsi, as well as simplified Chinese characters, or names in Cyrillic languages.)

Explore our designs and learn about the inspirations behind them.

Do no harm

Out of sight does not mean out of mind. The lives of women in Bangladesh who sew t-shirts are just as important as the lives of multicultural kids in Sydney.

We oppose child labour across the globe.

But what does this all mean, in practice? We feel strongly that talk is cheap, and symbols are only that.

At Haluna Happy Names we actively educate ourselves on the origins of our blank products and their manufacturing processes.

We choose products and suppliers that meet global commitments and standards, so we can avoid knowingly exploiting people who are involved in production of the products we decorate with our personalised designs. Learn how.

Enviro-friendly and built to last

We believe there’s enough junk in our world. Haluna Happy Names products are created with durability and practicality in mind so they don’t end up in the trash. Wherever possible, we choose materials that will degrade quicker in the environment once your Haluna Happy Names piece has lived a long and useful life.

We also give you advice on re-using and recycling our products — versatility is another core criterion in our product range selection.

Please don't be surprised when your precious new personalised items are delivered to your door in reused cardboard packaging. This is to keep waste to an absolute minimum.

Find out more on our frequently-asked questions page.