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Personalised Whiteboards & Routine Trackers

Making the humdrum a happy thing

Does someone you know need a little help staying on top of everything when following daily habits and routines? Feel the stress dissolve when you get them a personalised, bright and cheery mini whiteboard or totally customised routine tracker from Haluna Happy Names.

Our colourful personalised routine trackers can help you or your little one check off daily, morning & afternoon routines—exactly the way you want them.

And nothing gets forgotten when our magnetic wipe-clean mini whiteboards (supplied complete with pen and eraser) are kept close by.

From children learning their routines to the elderly remembering their appointments, our personalised whiteboards and routine trackers keep everyone going—with a sense of achievement, and a smile.

As always, Arabic is an option for the personalisation. Joy!

What's so special about Haluna Happy Names personalised whiteboards and customised routine trackers?

Our range of personalised whiteboards and custom routine trackers are designed to make a difference.

We know, there’s no way you can put a price on peace. But we believe our personalised routine boards and whiteboards bring peace daily—inside your home, inside 'won't stop' brains, and inside your heart.

And we think that is priceless. 

Whatever stage you or your loved ones are at, our boards can provide support.

Take the Haluna Happy Names customised routine tracker: it might be needed for just a few months, to get your family through a rough or busy patch, or to help new habits form. Highlighting routines on a personalised, fully custom board, printed with a fun design, will shine a spotlight where it is needed, while sending a message of loving care.

When it comes to whiteboards, yes, any mini whiteboard is useful. But the humble whiteboard becomes so much more when the board is decorated with a theme and colours that tickle the heart, and its owner’s name is at the top—even in Arabic, if that is meaningful.

More Haluna Happy Names designs are being added to our range of whiteboards and routine trackers. Let us know if you can’t see the design you want, or not in the layout you need. We are happy to move your needs straight to the top of our design schedule and turn it around in days.

A Haluna Happy Names personalised whiteboard is not just useful, but a treasured, long-lasting possession.

Another sweet bonus? Our boards can be washed back to sparkling, in warm soapy water, without falling apart. Great for easy removal of the smears and stickiness of every day as well as any dry erase marker residue.

Haluna Happy Names practical personalised whiteboards and routine trackers work really well as a pair.

This is because they are identical blank boards before being designed, personalised, customised and printed by hand in our Sydney studio. You can choose different colour ways of the same design for a complementary look. A whiteboard/habit tracker pair looks fab lined up on a shelf or side by side on a desk, and they can be easily slotted next to each other in a backpack when they are needed outside the home. To help you, we discount the price of a whiteboard and routine tracker combo.

Complementing the rest of Haluna Happy Names personalised products, our practical whiteboards and routine boards make a fantastic gift when combined with a matching notebook, a bag tag, or a mug. Or all of them! Choose from gift set ideas shown below, or visit our collection of Gift Sets and Bundles options.

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