'Maroc Magic' Whiteboard plus Routine Tracker Set

This pretty pair, comprising a personalised customised routine tracker and a premium personalised mini whiteboard, helps keep you or your loved one ready for anything, focused and unstressed.

The routine tracker and mini whiteboard are identical sizes and are made from the same sturdy aluminium with glossy wipe-clean surfaces, ready for all the ticks, lists, drawings or messages that keep daily life ticking along.

Ordering is easy as pie. Just fill in the details you would like for your personalised boards, including whatever you want included for your routine tracker, using the prompts below.Then click the green 'Buy it now' button.

If you get stuck or have special requests, complete the order after you pop 'HELP' into the info box below, and make sure we have your email address or Australia phone number in that box or at checkout.

Why you will love our personalised routine trackers

loving support

Helping children, neurodiverse people and busy people of all ages to get more done, with less stress.

truly personal

All the content, from the name at the top to the tracker's title, panel titles, and every routine element, are personalised perfectly for you and your needs.

you choose

English or Arabic title & panel titles? What layout? And of course, which exclusive Haluna Happy Names design? These are all up to you.

easy care

Wipe clean regularly. Treat to an occasional wash in soapy water; or wipe down with alcohol on a microfibre cloth. Avoid scratching. That's it!

What to expect when you buy a personalised routine tracker from Haluna Happy Names:

Daily routines become satisfying and fun.

Our personalised routine tracker gives you (and whoever this tracker is for) agency and control in life, as well as gentle guidance. What does this mean for real life in your home, your classroom or your business? Less nagging, less stress, and more confidence.

To help get the 'boring' stuff done, every single day, parenting experts and psychologists alike recommend the use of structured routines. Deferring 'authority' to the tracker, an inanimate object, helps defuse resistance and avoid conflict. 

Our routine trackers are particularly helpful for neuro-diverse people of all ages, including people with ADHD and Autism. They are also suitable for the intellectually disabled, because you can design the routines as simple or as complex as you like.

But honestly? Our personalised routine trackers are appreciated by anyone that loves to tick off lists to help stay sane, while wanting some brightness and a happy, simple aesthetic to light up their routines.


Size: 8" x 10" (203 x 254 mm)
Orientation: Landscape and portrait options available
Print: Long lasting, colourful and clear. Personalised tracker design is fused with the board so won't rub off or deteriorate over time. 
Material: Glossy-coated magnetic aluminium for durability, practicality and a luxury finish 
Corners: rounded
Care: Use dry-erase markers, wipe clean
Weight: 250g
Age suitability:  
4 and up (suitable for younger ages only with supervision)


Personalisation language: As always at Haluna Happy Names, both English and Arabic are options for the personalisation of your routine tracker. The name, the board title and panel headers can all be published in English or Arabic. You can even supply the information for your board in English and receive those items printed in Arabic on your custom routine tracker.*
Layout: Pick from a choice of 11 panel layouts(shown as Layouts A–K in the images and in the drop down menu above) or design your own (Select 'Layout L') to meet your specific needs. 
Layout/design tip: The option of a  horizontal panel along the bottom (shown in Layout F and Layout I) allows for a message of encouragement or an inspirational quote. It can also be used to call out/mark completion of activities within a certain category across a whole day, while the vertical panels are based on time of day.

Examples you might want to call out include prayer/worship at different times; daily water or medication consumption; exercise routine elements like stretching, strength building, walking, HIIT.

You can also use it to highlight certain actions —things that you want to do at any time of day, but are not part of a structured routine set. Possible activities include journalling, reading, hobbies, or phoning mum.

Routine elements: 
In all panels, you pick exactly the words needed as reminders for the routines followed by you, or by your special person. Our sample boards in the images above can inspire and guide you as you plan your routine tracker.

You can choose to leave one panel blank as a regular mini whiteboard to jot down lists, notes, sketches and quick ideas.

We will always contact you before printing to make sure your routine tracker is exactly the way you want it to be. So please keep an eye on your e-mail!*

*Please note: The proof-check stage aims to avoid errors in printing and to make sure your routine tracker is a success. This check is important for spell-checking and language, especially for boards containing Arabic options (with translations to Arabic done by Haluna Happy Names); it is also important to ensure your custom routine details are correct.

Please take the time you need to outline your routines the way you want them prior to placing your order.

In an effort to maximise the value of our routine trackers and keep them affordable for as many people as possible, only one round of routine element revisions is possible before finalising a design.

Design choice: The 'routine trackers' collection currently in our shop shows just some of Haluna Happy Names' fun and colourful exclusive designs incorporated into custom routine trackers. More are being added all the time.

Even if you can't see your preferred design available yet within the published collection of routine trackers you can still order that design.

To order the design of your choice straightaway as the theme for your personalised tracker: choose any Haluna Happy Names design already released for routine trackers (including the design shown above on this page); and then put your requested design name into the 'Any additional details/requests' box in the 'Design your routine tracker' section above. All currently available Haluna Happy Names exclusive designs are shown, with their names, in the Design Gallery.

This personalised routine tracker is designed and printed to order with love, and care, in our studio in Sydney Australia. Shipping worldwide.