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Personalised clothing

Fun you can wear

The Haluna Happy Names colourful clothing range is launching with premium t-shirts for children and adults; and  t-shirts and onesies for babies

Our clothing offers strong visual appeal, fantastic comfort, and great fit, catering to our biggest wants. Every piece is printed to order, resulting in a fully-personalised item that makes a truly special gift for the sweetest newborn or the funkiest uncle.

Explore the full range of Haluna Happy Names clothing below, or zero in on our collections of babies' t-shirts and onesies, kids tees, and larger short and long sleeve T-shirts in classic and ladies' shapes, using the clickable image tiles above.

Are you looking for a custom-designed team t-shirt for sport, community or a work activity? We do those too.

What's so special about Haluna Happy Names clothing?

1. No-fuss ordering and personalisation:

We know that you, our wonderful customers, choose your Haluna Happy Names clothing with a specific wearer in mind. You want the design with the colours and theme that they love. So our T-shirts and onesies are organised into collections for babies (0–2), children (approx. 2–14), and biggies. Within each of these collections, you can browse by every design available for the garments currently offered in that size/age range.

When you click on the product carrying the design you know will hit the sweet spot, all the customisation options are right there for you to select and enter: the size you need, the base garment colour you want, and the personalisations required. There is always a box for you to add questions on the product page, and again when you are completing your order. If we have any questions about what you want, or spelling, we will always get in touch for confirmation before submitting your unique piece to our apparel print partners.

2. One-of-a-kind personalised designs:

The Haluna Happy Names colourful and fun aesthetic is intended to lift up the wearers of our clothing, and everyone around them. Our designs are all originals, created in house for our brand only. The small scale of our brand means another item of Haluna Happy Names personalised clothing identical to your order is unlikely to exist anywhere.

Haluna Happy Names designs house the names of people we love. When it comes to clothing, we optimise every design from our portfolio to make sure it looks great on every garment and every body.

For our personalised designs, we use your choice of English or Arabic to personalise the design, after you place your order. This ‘made-to-order’ customisation, done by a real human, ensures that the name fits perfectly within the design every single time.

3. Premium garments, ethically manufactured:

We are very proud of the quality of the garments that are decorated with Haluna Happy Names designs. They are made from the softest pure cotton, which is dyed, cut and sewn to look good on everyone. They are long-lasting pieces of clothing that maintain shape and colour for years. Our apparel manufacturers hold WRAP certification, which demonstrates their social and ethical responsibility regarding their workers and the manufacturing environment.

4. State of the art, environmentally-conscious printing:

Our premium cotton clothing is decorated using ‘direct to garment’ (DTG) state-of-the-art printing techniques. DTG printing means our designs can incorporate a gazillion colours. Water-based inks (with no harmful plastics) sink into the fibres of the cotton. Unlike traditional ‘transfer’ techniques, the prints last wash after wash, with no fading, cracking or peeling. The 'direct to garment' print method creates less ink waste and uses less water than other printing methods too.

5. Reduced carbon footprint, rapid delivery:

Many of our customers are in the UK, the USA and Europe. And we are in… Sydney, Australia. We have chosen a global partner for the printing of all our clothing designs. The benefit of this for you, and for the earth, is that our partner uses a large network of local printers around the world. Wherever you are in the world, our print partnership means that your Haluna Happy Names clothing is printed as close to you as possible. Fewer emissions, and you get your special items quicker. Win for you, and win for the planet. For us, that's a big fat tick.

Frequently Asked Questions about Haluna Happy Names Clothing

Getting the best T-shirt or onesie ever

We have a size guide, available on every product page. Please take great care choosing clothing size since due to the 'made to order' personalised nature of our designs we cannot accept returns due to wrong size choices.

Absolutely you can. Custom orders or multi orders of Haluna Happy Names designs in our portfolio, all personalised individually, are welcome. There is of course an additional design fee and a separate order process if you would like a custom design using your branding or logo.

Haluna Happy designs from our portfolio are printed as displayed in the images for each product. If you need a custom design, we are happy to discuss this.

We take care to ensure our exclusive personalised designs look fab on every single item of clothing they appear on. This means that occasionally, a certain design will not be available on a shirt of a particular colour. If you are after a specific colour of t-shirt or onesie, please choose an alternative personalised design.

Pick me! Haluna Happy Names colourful tshirts personalised with Arabic option are designed for confidence and joy as these two jumping happy girls in their 'In the Sky' and 'Jewels in my Heart' original t-shirts are showing.