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'Jewels in my Heart' personalised mug

Everyone knows it’s her hot chocolate when you serve it in her unique fun personalised mug. You get lots of mugs with names on, you get lots of mugs displaying cute and fun designs, but a fun wraparound design with your name in Arabic as an option on one side or both? Not so much.

Stand out in the office, in the dorm, or just at home, and smile inside each time you take a sip. This mug makes a great gift for Valentines Day, for Eid, for birthdays, or to tell someone special just how precious they are, any day of the year.

Why you'll love our personalised mugs:

utterly original

Scour the internet. You won't find this design anywhere else. Add the personal message and it is one-of-a-kind. Unique. Cool, huh!


Our mugs are printed by hand, but they are made to last, for thousands of washes, sink or dishwasher. Microwave safe too.


Printed by us in our Sydney studio for Aussie customers. Printed by our partner for local quick delivery worldwide.


Our mugs are so. not. just. for coffee lovers! Grab our free magic gift-giving formula and find out more.

you choose

The design, the name, the language & the message on the back—all your choice.

What to expect from Haluna Happy Names personalised mugs

Material: Ceramic

Capacity:11 fluid oz / 325 mL

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Care: Microwave safe

Note: The Haluna Happy Names personalised design of your choice is fused into this mug's exterior coat. This means it can withstand thousands of washes and normal wear and tear. However abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided to prevent damage to the printed design.