'Maroc Magic' personalised whiteboard 8"x10"

Jot down ideas, plan your day, solve a sum, or do a doodle. Our top quality indelibly printed Maroc Magic mini whiteboard is perfect for quick notes and calculations.

This whiteboard complements other products in the Maroc Magic collection. Choose from mustard, cerise or rose as a highlight colour against the happy teal background decorated with a cornucopia of near-Eastern colours. You can almost smell the souq.

Easy care: Wipe clean, or when needed wash with a soft sponge, dish soap and water. Rounded edges, and easy to bring to school or work. 

Supplied in a drawstring cotton bag with a mini eraser at no extra cost.

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Why you'll love our personalised whiteboards:

Truly personal

Made more special bearing your chosen name, and if you like, a title for the whiteboard. As always, these personal touches can be in English or Arabic.

Easy care

Wipe regularly with supplied eraser. Treat to an occasional wash in soapy water; or wipe down with alcohol on a microfibre cloth. Avoid scratching. That's it!

Premium practicality

Perfectly sized: small, but big enough to be useful. Magnetic—so your eraser sticks to your board. Personalised design won't rub off or wear away.

Colourful & fun

Your whiteboard's shiny surface carries the colours bright and true. Feel uplifted by whichever Haluna Happy Names exclusive design you choose.

What to expect from a Haluna Happy Names whiteboard:

Write it, do it, then wipe it away.

We love writing on paper—especially on our silky-smooth  personalised notebooks. And we know the neuroscience-proven benefits of thinking and planning with a pen, rather than through a keyboard.

But sometimes the things we write don't need the permanence of paper. Yet they still benefit from the physical process of forming words with our hands, so our memories and brains are stimulated and our creative juices flow freely.

Enter the Haluna Happy Names range of personalised whiteboards. These are small enough to slip into your bag or a school backpack, but have enough writing space for the important stuff of the day.

Maybe you are practising your handwriting as you learn a new alphabet, mapping out your latest brainwave, setting your tasks for today, doing a sum, jotting a shopping list, working out a Wordle, writing a note as you leave the house, or just...doodling. With the exception of that brainwave (which you should probably take a photo of and file in your 'brainwaves' folder), these can get wiped away when you're done, and the clean board is ready for your next activity.

Our personalised whiteboards are suitable for anyone from age 4 to 104.

What sets our whiteboards apart are the Haluna Happy Names personalised designs that are fused into their surface. These are incorporated to allow for plenty of writing space while adding uplifting colour and fun.

A Haluna Happy Names whiteboard is appreciated by anyone that wants some colourful brightness to light up their routines.


Personalisation language: As always, Arabic is an option for the personalisation (name and title) of your mini white board.

Highlight colour: Choose from at least two colour options with every Haluna Happy Names whiteboard design.

Orientation: Landscape and portrait options available.


Size: 8" x 10" (203 x 254 mm)

Material: Glossy coated aluminium—magnetic 
Corners: rounded
Care: Use dry-erase markers, wipe clean
Weight: 250g
Age suitability:  
4 and up (suitable for younger ages only with supervision).

This personalised white board is designed and printed to order with love, and care, in our Sydney studio using exclusive Haluna Happy Names designs.