'Musically' personalised music lesson and practice notebook

Our 'Musically' personalised music practice notebook has been thoughtfully designed around your favourite music student’s needs. From your little drummer to your virtuoso violinist, this notebook supports their goals and efforts and fosters a deeper enjoyment of music, week by week building a wonderful record of creative achievement.

Just how personalised is it?

The Haluna Happy Names music practice notebook design is much more than a name plonked on the front of a lined jotter. Your music lover's name is created to order, the letters mimicking notes on a musical stave, connecting their identity with their musical forays. This personalisation is an integral element of the design— on the cover, and right through every internal page.

You also choose a musical tempo or mood, in Italian (the language of music), that best matches your music student's persona. Maybe it's giocoso or misterioso, andante or allegro. If you can’t decide, we will choose a mood for your music student.

The five colours in the Musically family are Forest green, Ocean blue, Outback orange, Pansy purple and Camellia pink. So there is one for everybody's favourite. Whichever hue you select, the bold tones mean the practice notebook will always be easy to spot in a heap of sheet music or in the dark corners of a music bag.

A winning combination of practicality and quality

Inside our music practice notebooks, 200 beautiful pages of silky smooth paper are beckoning, one week to a page. That's up to four years of music lessons.

Each page has a designated space for the date and for lesson or practice notes. Unlined pages means freedom for diagrams, fingering notations, composition and interpretation ideas, and more. There are practice checkboxes to mark off daily. There is even room to add practice duration, helping both teachers and students to keep track of progress. And of course, plenty of space for achievement stickers at the end of a lesson.

We guarantee that Haluna Happy Names ‘Musically’ notebooks make music-learning more meaningful for everyone. This is because our notebooks are unparalleled in the quality of their construction and their design features, having been created following decades of experience of children learning piano, wind, brass, strings and percussion.  

Our music practice notebooks are ideal for children aged 4 to 18 taking lessons, but the design works equally well for an adult taking up an instrument, even as a self-taught hobby. And music teachers all love using them, too!

Haluna Happy Names 'Musically' notebooks are a great investment into an endeavour that brings lifelong music appreciation, pleasure and reward. And we think you'll agree.

Why you'll love our 'Musically' practice notebooks:

designed for music learning

Create an organised record of your music journey with a custom personalised interior.

truly personal

You choose the name and text on the cover, and on every page on the inside too.

enduring value

200 pages of top quality paper held in place with a premium spiral binding and sturdy covers.

silky smooth

We're not just talking about the satin-feel covers. Paper so smooth you can't wait to put a pen to it.

100% Australian

Designed and customised for you by Haluna Happy Names. Printed and bound by our Australian partner.

What you can expect from our 'Musically' music practice notebook

Size: A5: 148mm wide x 210mm high

Inside Pages: 200 pages of silky smooth 80 gsm paper.

Covers: Satin-touch 300 gsm card. Haluna Happy Names 'Musically' design features the name marked out on a music stave, accompanied with a choice of musical 'temperament'.

Binding: Premium black wire spiral

Internal features:
- Personalised on every page with name displayed on a musical stave
- Sections for date, weekly practice/lesson notes, daily practice check boxes
- Unlined
- Custom graphic in corner to complement Musically cover design.

Language: English