'World's Best Carpenter' personalised mug

Carpenters transform our world. When all the sawdust is swept up and you have your new home, or new bookcase, or new stairs you want to thank the guy (because it usually is a guy) sincerely with a gift that he will get some use out of. This colourful thank you mug does just that. Every time he has his 5.30 am coffee he will smile and remember the transformation he achieved at your place, and the smile that he put on your faces through his creativity and technical skill.

This ceramic mug can be just a simple 'thank you' message at the back, or personalised with his name, your name/s, and the date and location of the work he did for you.

It is dishwasher and microwave safe, with the unique colourful print completely bonded with the glossy surface of the mug.

Why you'll love our personalised mugs

utterly original

Scour the internet. You won't find this design anywhere else. Add the personal message and it is one-of-a-kind. Unique. Cool, huh!

you choose

The design, the language (English, Arabic & more) plus the name and message on the back—all your choice.


Our mugs are so. not. just. for coffee lovers! Grab our free magic gift-giving formula and find out more.

easy care

Chuck it in the dishwasher or scrub it in the sink for thousands of washes


Our mugs are printed by hand, but they are made to last.

What to expect from Haluna Happy Names personalised mugs

Material: Ceramic

Capacity:11 fluid oz / 325 mL

Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Care: Microwave safe

Note: The Haluna Happy Names personalised design of your choice is fused into this mug's exterior coat. This means it can withstand thousands of washes and normal wear and tear. However abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided to prevent damage to the printed design.