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Softness, shape, and ethical manufacture: the keys to Haluna Happy Names tees

Do you have those children that think that everything is ‘itchy’ when it’s new? Or have you ever mistakenly bought gorgeous but pricey soft wool-cotton mix skivvies for winter and then find you can’t convince anyone to wear them?
Do your children have their own built in ‘label radars’? Those are my kids. All seven of them.

Before finalising my decisions about who was going to print my t-shirts for me, I did a bit of research into which t-shirts, from which original garment manufacturers, where the available options at the various printers. I was so happy with what I’ve found, with my ultimate print partner. For so many reasons. You see Haluna Happy Names designs are digitally printed onto t-shirts made with double-combed ring-spun cotton.

Don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it either. But the fact is, most t-shirts labelled ‘100% cotton’ are just your regular cotton, good value. They feel a bit stiff when they dry in the sun. Ringspun cotton, however, is a more luxe fabric, both smoother and stronger. And combed ringspun, which Haluna Happy Names t-shirts and onesies are made of, is the next notch up in softness and strength. The world’s top cotton tee yarn, which makes the best, longest-lasting, stretchy but shape-holding garments.

To see what I’m talking about, look at the images below. The yellow shirt is your great value, regular cotton tee. The orange tee on the right is one of my combed wingspan tees. If you zoom in you will see how much tighter and tidier the knit is on the orange shirt. I’m just sorry that you can’t stroke them both because that’s where you will find the no-itch difference.

But the happy story doesn’t end with super softness and strength. I’m proud to say that Haluna Happy Names t-shirts are all produced ethically in factories that are guaranteed as having no child-labour and no sweat shop conditions for adults. AND the fabrics are compliant with US laws regarding child safety - so no toxic sprays, inks and dyes near Haluna Happy Names kids.

Finally, another benefit of combed ringspun cotton is that our original printed personalised designs are better absorbed into the fabric than on a regular cotton tee, resulting in a brighter, sharper print. What is there not to love?

It’s enough to make you grab hands with the girl next to you and skip in happiness.

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