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Collection backstory: the Haluna Happy Names clothing range

We all have to wear clothes, most of the time.

I don’t know about yours, but my seven Aussie Arab Anglo children developed preferences about their clothing choices from a very young age. A newborn lets you know if her nightie’s label is itchy or if her booties are making her too hot. 

And the first place bubba goes once she’s mobile? Off to the clothes drawer to explore, pulling herself up to clutch at the side, then throwing everything out one-handed as she hunts for the perfect piece to pull wonkily over her head as she plonks back down onto her bottom.

By the time she’s two she gets through several changes a day ‘just because’ (never mind the spills and whoopsies that need a clean set). Picking the ‘right outfit’ in the morning becomes a major act of negotiation.

Enter Haluna Happy Names clothing. 

Children's t-shirts are the cornerstone of the Haluna Happy Names mission to put smiles on faces and confidence into the hearts of multicultural children like my own. A more comfortable tee cannot be found, and that’s just the beginning.

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