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Haluna Happy Names Product Profile: Personalised Money Boxes

Introducing the Haluna Happy Names personalised money boxes - a perfect first step to managing money.

If you're anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship when it comes to giving cash to your children. Do you also wish your children had an understanding of how money works? Especially after they receive, then lose, their pocket money, week after week? Do you groan when they are given generous sums on birthdays and other feasts and special occasions and then spend it all on toys at Kmart? Do you find coins on floors after the tooth fairy has been round, and worry about them getting into the baby’s mouth? Do two or three children all swear that the 75 cents on the kitchen table is theirs?

Enter the Haluna Happy Names range of personalised money boxes.

Breathe. All those coins and notes now have a colourful, fun and clearly-identified place to go, from the minute they're pressed into a sticky little palm at a family gathering or pulled excitedly from under a pillow.

Our personalised money boxes make a great gift (or part of a gift set) for anyone from newborns to teens. Drop a bit of change in the box to get the savings started! If you’re planning to give a cash gift as the main event, a Haluna Happy Names money box makes the perfect accompaniment.

Haluna Happy Names money boxes are designed for maximum smiles

The 2021 personalised money box range comprises three new Haluna Happy Names patterns only available for money boxes: Apples, A Rainbow Crock, and From Little Things. But that’s just the beginning. Several of the signature designs found on other Haluna Happy Names products are also an option for money boxes. So you can mix and match ceramic money boxes with your other Haluna Happy Names items, or put together your own unique gift set.

Whether it is hearts, rainbow stripes, apples or alphabet balloons, you can pick the design that will bring the biggest smile, or best complement a beloved bedroom or play area theme. As always, our designs are one-of-a-kind, not found elsewhere, made all the more special by the personalisations you choose.

Flexible personalisations

The personalisation options for each personalised money box mean you get to choose exactly how your children first experience money management. A single money box can showcase your special saver’s name, in English, Arabic, or both. As always, the designs are built around the name, and the fonts used for either language are carefully selected to be an integral part of the design.

Also available are personalised money boxes in sets of two or three, where you can add the words ‘savings’, ‘giving’, or ‘spending’ with the special name, with these words also written in English and/or Arabic. This approach to dividing money is widely recommended to teach little peeps the value and different roles of money in our lives - the Australian best-seller, ‘Barefoot Investor for Families’ by Scott Pape, is the book that convinced me to give it a try for my children.

Finally, custom wording is also available at no extra charge, with or without the saver’s name also on the money box. E.g., ‘Swear Jar’ or ‘Roberts Family SwearJar’, ‘Skate Fund’ or ‘Hannah’s Skate Fund’, ‘Holiday Outings’, or whatever special project needs supporting with a personalised money box. Because Haluna Happy Names is all about building love and connection by helping you do what works for you and yours.

A closer look

Haluna Happy Names personalised money boxes are made from a shiny white ceramic, just like a coffee mug, This means they are breakable, but solid. If they are to be given as a gift to children under the age of four, we recommend that they are kept out of reach. They are cylindrical, approximately 9.5 cm high and 8 cm wide, with colourful personalised panels on each side. The colourful design is literally fused into the shiny exterior of the money box.

The money boxes have a slot at the top large enough to insert the coins or a folded bank note. They have a removable plastic stopper at the bottom for access to the moola when the time is right. And like a mug, if the money boxes get a bit too sticky from little fingers, they can be wiped, or washed in hot soapy water, and they are even dishwasher safe. 

All the Haluna Happy Names ceramic personalised money boxes are designed and printed by me in my studio in Sydney, Australia.

Get your special someone's savings journey started today.

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