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At the End of the Rainbow

Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue…

...they are the gold that you had been seeking, but not finding, until they came along.


Are the children in your world entranced by the sudden glimpse of a rainbow in the clouds too? From early days, children learn the rainbow song. And then they learn the myth of the ‘crock of gold' that is found at the end of every rainbow, which inspires this design. When someone receives an ‘At the End of the Rainbow' personalised gift, they can know that they are the gold that you had been seeking, but not finding, until they came along.

At the End of the Rainbow personalised design carrying the name 'Isra' in Arabic

Design elements:

'At the End of the Rainbow' was the first personalised design I created for Haluna Happy Names, but it is still one of my favourites. I love how the colourful design uses the rainbow, a symbol of unity in diversity, of innocence and of fun, to lead the eye to the name of someone very special nestled in the cloud at the end of the rainbow. 

At the End of the Rainbow, like all Haluna Happy Names designs, can be personalised using Arabic or English. Read the Haluna Happy Names backstory to learn why Arabic is always an option.

Product recommendations:

Personally I love this design printed on a black t-shirt - bringing out the colourful bit of happy, helping the name really stand out inside the pale cloud. But At the End of the Rainbow works really well against white on a pencil casenotebook or mug as well.

P.S.: The Arabic for rainbow is quite a delicious mouthful, full of throaty sounds: قوس قزح (pronounced ‘qoos quzahh’). They may not be sounds you want in a name for your next bundle of joy, but they are very satisfying to master!