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'Ballooning' design collection

'Ballooning' inspiration:

The wind in your hair, the bright sun, and the blissful heart-bursting feelings of freedom and adventure are the inspirations behind ‘Ballooning’. ‘Ballooning’ is a perfect personalised design for dreamers, adventurers and travellers of any age.

'Ballooning' design elements:

A large hot air balloon in either green or mauve dominates the centre of the design, carrying the name of your voyager in a clear sans serif font in either English or Arabic. The balloon drifts above a grassy scene revealing a shore and water with sailboats far below. But your ballooner is not alone in the skies - they are in a cluster of colourful balloons spreading off into the horizon of this almost cloudless day.

Our favourite products for 'Ballooning':

Our absolute favourite ‘Ballooning’ product is our premium personalised notebook. Every inside page is personalised, and carries a reminder of the dream with a little cloud of hot air balloons floating off in the upper-outer corners. Ballooning also makes a fantastic T-shirt, to be worn on every adventure, and the design works well adapted for our rectangular bag tags too, where you can include just how much contact information to print onto the back side of this dreamer’s accessory.