Personalised Money Boxes

Colourful personalised money boxes, designed and printed in Australia

No more lost pocket money! Enter our collection of personalised money boxes. Say hello to technicolour saving that supports identity AND helps your special children understand money.

Pick a single personalised money box, with the name in English and/or Arabic. Or, choose a set to teach about money for saving, money for giving, and add a purse for money for spending. Support a family effort to stop swearing or gather loose change for shared future fun by inserting your own custom text for no extra charge.

Haluna Happy Names personalised money boxes are exclusively designed and printed in our Sydney studio. They are ceramic, with a removable plastic stopper and broad colourful panels on each side. They make a great gift for newborns to teens, but should be kept out of reach of under 3s.

To clean, wipe with a damp cloth, or wash in warm soapy water. The money boxes (not the stoppers) are also dishwasher safe.

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What's special about Haluna Happy Names personalised pieces?

* Haluna Happy Names' broad range of colourful designs means there is something for everybody.

* Personalised gifts make the recipients feel special about themselves, their name and their identity.

* A personalised gift also makes the recipients feel valued by you.

* You can add extra meaning to your gift with a totally custom message, since every item is printed to order.

* There is an Arabic option every time, for extra smiles all round.

* Despite the special impact our gifts have on your relationship, they don't break your budget. Nice.