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Salaam. That's peace. And hello — Design Collection


Salaam is a powerful word for building bridges and provoking reflection.

Salaam (or salam) means 'peace'. Salaam is probably the most well-known Arabic word among non-Arabic speakers, so a Haluna Happy Names gift bearing the 'Salaam' design in our Arabic Key Words series is a great one to start conversations with. Even better, in Arabic 'salaam' or 'salaams' is used informally to mean 'hello'.  

'Salaam' Design features:

Our 'Salaam—Arabic Key Words' design uses the peace and calm of green, against a transparent background. A strong modern Kufic font writes 'salaam' with an attractive symmetry, giving a nod to ancient Kufic scripts that adorn Islamic places of worship across the Middle East. Behind, an irregular pattern with geometric flavour is stamped with gaps, like a threadbare carpet.

Recommended 'Salaam' products:

We especially love the 'Salaam' design on baby clothes, on mugs for the staffroom or office, and on our premium notebooks, where the design carries through to every page. But the clear monochrome design looks good on the whole Haluna Happy Names range. 

'Salaam' is a non-personalised design. As part of the Arabic Key Words Series, the focus is on the important word. But if you know someone called Salaam, a gift from this design can carry another layer of meaning. And certain products in the range can still be personalised with a name and even a message. Take a look at the mug, the rectangular tote, the whiteboard, and the routine tracker.

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